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Q-Box - Quality of Service made Easy!


Expect a new image available for download soon. Some gui changes are included. I will be making the new image with an older LEAF version of now just to get it out the door. Migrating to 3.0 may be done at a later point, but I prefer to focus on functionality for the time being. Once I've got Layer 7 filtering added and figured out, then I can work on moving to 3.0 and do it right.

QBox 0.2_rc2 on hold. Please see Project Status section for details.

Internet access has become increasingly important in the daily operations of both individuals and businesses. As internet dependency has increased the availability of faster connections has also increased. However, newly emerging technologies such as Voice over IP and videoconferencing are placing additional demands on the already scarce resource of bandwidth. The distinction here is not so much about additional bandwidth, but about how the bandwidth is utilized. Traditional internet usage such as web browsing or email downloads operate asynchronously in such a way that a small, variable wait time does not necessarily adversely affect the user experience. By contrast, the emerging interactive technologies have tolerances that become increasingly strict. In VoIP applications, for example, a delay of greater than ~300ms starts to make the conversation unusable.

Quality of Service is a term used vary broadly in networking applications. For the purpose of QBox, we are looking at the use of queuing disciplines as a method to prioritize and shape traffic. By classifying traffc into appropriate queues we can guarantee levels of service for certain applications while simultaneously maximizing the utilization of bandwidth. Existing methods for doing QoS are either very expensive, or very complicated. QBox targets creating a low-cost solution that requires only the most basic networking skills for installation. By selecting an integrated motherboard and using Compact Flash for storage, moving parts are eliminated while ease of installation and reliability are maximized.

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